Hearing Aid Batteries

We know how important it is for you to have a reliable and long lasting battery to operate your devices.

hearing aid batteriesNowadays, many hearing aids feature reliable lithium-Ion built-in rechargeable batteries, but for those who prefer using disposable batteries, we are dedicated to ensuring that our battery stock is always fresh. We accomplish this by placing small monthly orders directly from the battery manufacturer. 

Hearing aids require the use of high quality batteries to function properly. If disposable batteries have not been stored properly, such as in a large warehouse with varying temperatures, the battery life may become compromised. Even though the expiration date on the package has not passed, the battery might no longer be fresh.

Often people purchase their batteries at the grocery store, drug store, or even in bulk at big box stores. There are many products in which buying in bulk makes sense and can save you money but unfortunately hearing aid batteries are not one of those items. Some people report experiencing issues with their devices such as short battery life, poor sound quality, or low battery warnings even with a “fresh” battery.

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How long should my battery last?

Rechargeable built-in lithium-ion batteries last on average 18-20 hours per charge. We recommend charging them at night, or when you are not using the hearing aids. 

Disposable batteries last on average 4 days to 2 weeks, depending on the size of the battery and how much sound the hearing aid is amplifying.  

In general, here are some factors that affect battery drain:
  • The number of hours a day you wear the hearing aid
  • For disposable batteries, if you are leaving the hearing aids on when not in use
  • How active your lifestyle is. On modern hearing aids, automatic features activated when you are in noisy or challenging environments can drain the battery quicker
  • Whether or not you are increasing the volume on the hearing aid
  • How often you stream to Bluetooth devices. Features such as audio streaming and hands-free phone calls contribute to higher battery drain

How do I know what size battery to purchase?

Hearing aid batteries come in four main sizes. Each size battery is numbered and is color coded regardless of the brand, which makes it easier for you to remember what battery to purchase. For many years, we have been using high quality Power-One mercury-free zinc air cell batteries, due to their durability and reliability.

hearing aid batteries size

  • Size 10 is coded yellow and is the smallest
  • Size 312 is coded brown and is larger than the 10, similar to the 13 but not as thick
  • Size 13 is coded orange and is similar in size to the 312 but is thicker
  • Size 675 is coded blue and is the largest hearing aid battery

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