Hearing Aid Brands

There are 6 major hearing aid brands leading the industry with technology and innovation.

Even though there are differences between the hearing aid manufacturers, all major brands offer similar high levels of quality and performance. 

At Mt. Hood Hearing, we can repair all major brands but we mainly work with three of the top manufacturers of hearing aids that are proven in quality, digital processing, reliability and performance in difficult listening situations: Phonak and Unitron (owned by the same large manufacturer, Sonova) and Starkey, the only American-owned brand.

We recommend one brand over another based on the features that are important to each patient. During our lifestyle consultation we help our patients identify their needs and we match products accordingly. 


Phonak is one of the world’s leading brands of hearing aids. Their products can dramatically improve quality of life and reduce limitations created by hearing loss. Phonak's top-rated latest platform, Marvel, features rechargeable hearing aids that connect to most Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and computers. This platform also allows for second-to-none remote support for tele-audiology.


Unitron has led the way for hearing aid manufacturers in producing hearing aids with features that address varied background and noise levels. Known also for award-winning design innovation, Unitron remains at the forefront of delivering stylish, advanced hearing solutions to its customers. One of the unique advantages of the Unitron brand is their “Flex” solution which allows patients to test drive hearing aids prior to purchasing.


Starkey Hearing Technologies prides itself on innovation. They created the first custom in-canal hearing aid, as well as the first invisible, custom digital hearing aid. Starkey was also first to use nanotechnology in hearing aids, to waterproof them, and was the pioneer in solving the problem of hearing in noisy environments. Their latest innovations are the first hearing aids with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as rechargeable custom devices.

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