Patient Reviews

After reading previous reviews, I agree with each one. I am 75 years young and often am treated as if unimportant. And/or stupid. That will never happen at Mt. Hood Hearing. They are the nicest and most friendly people I have ever met. After the testing I was shown a number of hearing aids and told about each one. I was never pushed to buy a certain one. I checked many places and this is the BEST.


On my husband’s and my first visit, Vladimir explained very clearly the process of regaining hearing after a lapse of years, so we knew what to expect and the stages of adapting to re-found sounds. Vladimir’s passion for music and knowledge of soundboards uniquely prepared him for his work in this field. He explained the wide range of hearing aid options in today’s world of electronic wonders, and what choices made most sense for my husband’s lifestyle. Over the first month or so of wearing them, Vladimir made subtle adjustments to my husband’s hearing aids to make sure he was getting the most out of them and to address any irritants. A year later, after he accidentally submerged them in water, Vladimir repaired his hearing aids on a rush basis, so that he would have them for his 50th class reunion. I have witnessed how hearing enables connection with people and eases stresses of communication. My husband and I have both benefitted greatly from Vladimir’s expertise and compassion.


These people are the best, with attention to every detail and always available for help. vladimir’s knowledge and experience would be difficult to match anywhere.


We have had such a wonderful experience with Mount Hood Hearing Center. My mother lives with us because she has dementia. So we take her to all of her appointments and help her with many aspects of her life. We recently picked up her brand new hearing aid and it’s amazing. Jessica is awesome!! she helped us understand the process and adjust the hearing aid, and interpret the data. The day after mom received her new hearing aid we were at another appointment sitting in the lobby and mom could hear The lady across the room typing on her laptop. It was pretty cool and my mom was so happy! thank you Mount Hood Hearing for taking care of my mom.


If you think you have hearing loss, you can’t imagine how much you are missing without new hearing aids in your ears from Mt Hood Hearing. Jessica Spinu is the best hearing specialist and the whole group in the company are wonderful. Quality products and budget friendly.