Treatment Fi: A Revolutionary New Program

In recent decades, it has become clear to the medical community just how important it is to treat hearing loss when it occurs. Far from the benign annoyance we once thought it was, hearing loss, even in moderate and mild forms, can interfere in our relationships with those closest to us, decrease our brain power and memory, increase our risk of falling down, and even increase our risk of earlier onset of cognitive decline and dementia.

In spite of this knowledge, people put off getting hearing aids for an average of seven years from the time they notice a hearing problem. At Mt. Hood Hearing, we hear a common refrain when we ask why people have not pursued hearing loss treatment: “I can’t afford it.”

The Typical Cost of Hearing Aids

We understand that hearing aids are a significant investment. A new set of hearing aids can be expected to last 5–7 years, and might cost $5,000 to $6,000. A financing program to help cover this expense will usually come with an APR similar to that of a credit card: about 25% or more. The manufacturer’s warranty lasts three years, which includes replacement, repair and services, and can be extended for about $150 per device per year. A lost device can be replaced with a $400 deductible.

As you can see, the initial financial outlay for a set of hearing aids is a significant investment. Those who can make the purchase are well-advised to do so, but we understand that the expense is enough to make many people consider avoiding the inevitable for as long as possible, especially considering that the lifetime of the hearing aids maxes out around seven years.

Treatment Fi offers another path!


TreatmentFi is a revolutionary new approach to providing not only hearing aids but hearing health care. While it includes the lease of a set of hearing aids, it also covers everything you need to hear your best for the duration of your 4-year subscription.

The subscription model, much like a Netflix account or a gym membership, allows you to get your hearing aids and start using them right away. It also means you don’t have an interest rate to worry about because you’re not incurring any debt! And TreatmentFi is all-inclusive. There are no hidden costs, and no “extras” you need to buy. All necessary supplies are covered!

It’s as simple as this: You pay your monthly subscription fee, and you get:

  • One pair of hearing aids with the latest technology
  • Lifetime warranty (including one loss replacement at a $200 deductible)
  • Free repairs and service for 48 months
  • Automatic upgrade to new hearing aids after 48 months
  • All necessary supplies like batteries, cleaning accessories and more
  • TV adaptors and remote controls
  • Office visits at no additional charge

How Much Does It Cost?

TreatmentFi plans vary in cost according to a patient’s needs. The cost of a plan ranges from $105–160 per month. Once you commit to your plan, your monthly cost will not change and you will never encounter any hidden fees. You will pay your monthly fee and that’s all, for the entire duration of your plan.

While many argue that Medicare as well as private insurers should offer hearing aids, most plans in most states do not, though there are exceptions. Your insurance can be used to pay or supplement your TreatmentFi monthly fee if your provider does offer hearing health care coverage.

Replace Your Existing Hearing Aids

If you’ve been wearing your current hearing aids for a while and are thinking of upgrading to a new model, TreatmentFi could be the best way. Rather than needing to pay the cost of a new set of hearing aids up front, you can use the TreatmentFi model to get your new hearing aids right away with no additional cost to your monthly subscription, no interest rate, and another automatic replacement after 4 years.

Get Your First Pair of Hearing Aids

With TreatmentFi, there’s never been a better time to start treating your hearing loss. Whether you’re new to hearing loss or you’ve been putting off getting hearing aids for a while, come in for a visit and a hearing test and see what the TreatmentFi subscription model is all about!